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So, where’s the money in blogging? While blogs can help you create credibility and improve relationships with your clients, there are also a number of ways to make money directly from your blog.

  1. Sell your own products
    Use a blog to talk about how others are using your products. Allow comments from readers, and provide space where clients can post testimonials for others to see. You can create products easily with services like CafePress and Lulu.
  2. Develop a “members only” blog that requires a membership fee
    Use a public blog to create interest and then a private one for exclusive access to you and your ideas.
  3. Get a sponsor
    Once you’ve created a dedicated audience, you can find a sponsor that needs to get in touch with that audience. Have them underwrite your blog expenses. Companies like Volvo, Nike, and Adobe have done this to increase brand awareness and to promote their products.
  4. Include affiliate sales opportunities
    Writing a book review? Include your Amazon affiliate link and suggest related products. Tease the reader with how a product has changed the way you do business and then provide a link so they can buy it immediately.
  5. Use hosted ads
    Services like BlogAds or Google AdSense will place ads on your blog that are related to your content based on key words. PVRblog, which covers news about personal television recorders like Tivo, pays for its hosting using this method and was one of the early examples of this income stream.
  6. Launch a blog network
    Companies like Weblogs, Inc. and Gawker Media have blazed the trail in creating entire networks of blogs staffed by expert writers. These How to Make Money Blogging 47 sites earn revenue through ads and affiliate sales on related products. Other blog networks include b5media and Manolo’s Shoe Blog.
  7. Add a tip jar or ask for donation
    Ask readers to send you some dough through PayPal or Amazon if they find your blog compelling or useful.


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