If you owe money, you know that nothing is more annoying than collections agents. They call day and night, and they don’t seem to care if it is Sunday or not. They just want to collect the money you owe someone so they can earn their commission. Collections agents are often pushy and brash, but you have to remember that most people will either hang up on them, or will perhaps feed them a line of bull if they manage to get them on the phone. They may be a pain, but remember that they are just doing their job, and they get paid to annoy you.

If you own a company, you know that when customers owe you money, there are good reasons why people are late, and there are others who simply don’t feel that paying you is a priority. You can try to deal with these people on your own, but there comes a point when you think you are spending more time collecting debts than you are paying attention to the customers who do pay on time. When this happens, you can hire collections agents to help you get some or all of your money back.

Collections agents will charge you a fee, and the fee will depend on what their company policy is. Some companies buy the debt from you for a percentage of the debt, and then they attempt to regain their money through the customer who owes. Others will take a percentage of the recovered debt after they have managed to get the payment in full. What you want to do will be up to you, and you should talk to a few different collections agents before you decide which way to go.

Remember that no matter how good or how persistent some collections agents are there are some debts that will never be recovered. This happens for a great many reasons, and sometimes, a person will refuse to pay because of the collections agents. If they are too rude, or too demeaning, they may have the opposite effect they are looking for. Talk to your collections agents about how they operate to decide if you think they are worth your time or not. Not all of them are good, and you want the best. You want an agent that will try to work with the debtor. Many times people respond to kindness, and threats only make them hang up and never answer the phone again.

The balance in my checking account never has enough of zero's in it. I am forever checking the balance to make certain I will not be bouncing any checks. Someday, I tell myself, my balance will start to rise quite a bit more frequently than what it does now. Until then, my checking account continues to depress me. When I signed up for my checking account, my bank had some special promotions going on. I took advantage of opening a checking account that had no minimum monthly balance for life. I knew that my checking account most months is always dangerously low to being negative.

My husband's checking account was always in the same situation that mine was until he finally spoke up about it. His bank was charging him a monthly service fee just for being below the required $500 balance each month. I think that is ridiculous. Once we got married, he told his bank that either they rid of the requirements or he would leave that bank and join his checking account with mine. The bank basically told him to not let the door hit him on the way out and suddenly we had a joint checking account.

It was a bit awkward at first but we eventually got accustomed to it. A few months after we were married, my husband opened up another checking account at our bank. He came home after doing this and proudly showed me a cooler. Apparently the bank was having a promotion about opening up a new checking account and getting free gifts. He received a nice cooler and some accessories when depositing $50. Now we had a useless checking account but a nice new cooler. He's such a sucker for getting things for free. I tried to explain that it wasn't free, it had cost him $50 but he was focused on the word "free". I wasn't about to burst his bubble. This checking account sat for about a year before we closed it out. I'm sure he's always scouting around for more promotions though.

My paychecks are directly deposited in our checking account which makes life quite a bit easier for me. I no longer have to carry a check to the bank and cash it. Quite a few bills are paid directly from my checking account each month as well saving me the time and energy of having to remember to send my bills on time. I have access to my checking account online at any time of the day. That is my favorite feature. My bank has always been wonderful to me and handled our checking account wonderfully. Sure, I didn't get a free cooler for opening up an account, but I do have the satisfaction of knowing that mistakes are very unlikely to be found. I like that sense of security.