There are over ten forms of acne a person can experience, from chloracne to acne mechanica. Just as acne can take on varied forms, there are a variety of reasons why one may have acne.

Acne formations act as messengers from the body, suggesting beneficial changes to your lifestyle and areas of your life to which you should pay more attention. You know when you have found an acne message because using the information from the message actually improves your health and deepens you level of self-awareness.

Below is a sampling of the some of the needs or unresolved issues that may be exposed by an Acne Message.

  • Needed diet alteration
  • Poor level of self-love
  • Reduction in over the counter medications
  • Internal detoxification
  • Need for more exercise
  • Move to a different relationship or end a current one
  • Need for more personal challenges
  • Poor stress management
  • Uncontrolled emotions
  • Social anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Un-addressed personal fears
  • Unmeet goals
  • Unexpressed Feelings
  • Bodily neglect
  • Unadjusted to new settings
  • Contact with new environments
  • Poor understanding of cleansing agents
  • Misuse of hair care products
  • Excess hormones in foods
  • Weak organs
  • Extreme sensitivity to criticism

Acne is not a superficial condition. It strikes deep into the heart and psyche of everyone suffering with this disease. Once your acne trigger(s) is unveiled and dealt with, you, your health and self-esteem reap all the benefits.


Source: Naweko San-Joyz


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